Challenge Day 11- Too Busy for God’s word?


Recently I read a blog post that talked about how an older woman asked the young mother on how her Bible reading is going on and she responded – ” you know it gets tough with the children etc”.

You can find the blog post here.

I have been there and I have done that! In a place of complacence. In a place where I did not cherish God’s word as much.

As I pondered on this, a few things came to my mind:

  • Mat 6:21 – Where your treasure is there your heart will be. If I don’t have time for God’s word it means I do not treasure it. Because my heart will be where my treasure is and I will find time, no matter what to get what matters most to be done.
  • I can handle the world and its struggles without God’s help. Which is not the case!
  • The Bible is not sufficient for my situation. It cannot help me in my mommy struggle. A friend can! Why do I say this? Often, new moms find time to talk with or share with their friends their struggles and get counsel. Do I say it is wrong? No.I say if I can have time for that and not God’s word then there is a problem. Who is taking more precedence in my life? God, in His providence does give us wonderful people who can counsel and help us. But if we run only to them for help and not God then something is amiss.

I pray that God increases an earnest thirst in me for His word as the deer pants for the water. I pray,that God will bring me to a place where He alone can satisfy and that I will be never ” Too Busy” for His word.