Challenge Day 21

What is my attitude when I sin?


We serve a God who is merciful and kind. When we sin, God is able to forgive us and we stand clean of the sin that once stood accusing us because of the work of Jesus on the cross. But what should the attitude of the Christian be when he/she sins. Is it a careless attitude saying – I can do all that I want to do and God is able to forgive?

Yes God is able to forgive but I wonder if people with such attitude even know God! Yes, our God is a merciful God at the same time He is also a holy and just God, a God who cannot tolerate sin. A God who sent His own son so that mankind can be saved, His wrath appeased! Knowing this God should bring in a Christian a fear of God that will help flee from sin. We keep away from sin, we try our best so that we walk in the ways that please this God. We, with the help of the Holy Spirit, are called walk in this world as representatives and ambassadors  of Christ. We are not to take this call lightly. We are to walk in a manner worthy. As a person, representing Christ.

Yes, there are times when our fallen nature takes charge and sin overwhelms us! This is where the forgiveness of God comes in picture.

To a Christian with an attitude of I can do all I want to do and God will surely forgive me, I want to ask a few questions – Do you even know your God? Do you know His standards? His work? His plan? Are you truly a Christian or are you just blinded and believe in the God of your own imagination, one that pleases you? Are you taking grace for granted?

A true Christian in the event of sinning, is truly repentant of his/her sin and runs to God for forgiveness. He/she, with the help of the Holy Spirit runs away from the trap of sin. He/She lives a life in a manner worthy knowing well that they are a representative of Christ. He/she lives life with an earnest thirst to glorify God!

A greater knowledge of the God whom we serve, helps us to understand Him and His standards more. This urges us to keep away from the evil of this world, no matter how tough it gets and follow the standards of this mighty God. Our attitude changes with the understanding of God. May we strive to know God more!