Challenge Day 22

The great planner


I am a planner, I love planned trips, planned meals, planned trips to the restaurants etc., I do not handle unplanned activities very well. But then again, God keeps reminding and throwing in challenges apart from my plan and teaches me to handle them with love and patients!

There are so many shows these days on TV. I do not own one, hence I do not know much about them. But when I do get a chance, I do watch some of the shows that interest me. One such show is that of baking a cake. Three teams are challenged to each bake a cake according to a few questions they are allowed to ask the client. They are to incorporate all the things that they think are what the client requires. The best cake is then awarded by showcasing it at the even, which could be a wedding, a party, a fire house honoring and so on.

Finishing such a massive cake(these cakes sometimes are over 10 feet tall weighing hundreds of pounds) by itself is a challenge. The teams are each given 20 odd hours and they are to design the cake, assemble it, decorate it etc. Some of these are even required to have some moving parts. So there is a lot of engineering that goes on in these cakes.

Added to this challenge is a challenge of the cake tasting test, the technique test etc., The cake testing test is one where the team captains present their cake to the judges panel, who in turn rate the cake on certain parameters like texture, moisture, taste, variation etc., The winner of this challenge gets to choose one team that would sit idly for about half an hour. The technique test is one in which the team captains are given a few minutes to show case their ability with fondant mostly. The winner of this one also gets to choose one team that would sit idly for about half an hour. There are times when a team is made to sit out twice that would mean a precious hour wasted.

As I watch this show, a lot of thoughts run through this planner head of mine. Oh my! how in the world are they going to finish this task? Will they make it? Will they improvise? Will they stick to the original schedule and lag behind? Will they buckle up and steer the negatives into positives? I also ask myself, will I be able to manage such a task? What if things are thrown at me when I am least expectant?

God seems to know me well. Of course! He is my creator, my sustainer and He knows that I am weak in this area. He knows how much I panic when unplanned events come by me. He knows me through and through and He wants me to trust in Him no matter what. Just when I think the reigns of the ship are in my hand, something happens and I realize that I am struggling to accept this new normal. A sickness, a broken ankle, a new baby etc.,

God is trying to teach me to trust in Him for the situation at hand. Nothing is unplanned for Him. He knows all things and has put things in place just so that I will grow in His likeness. Grow more in endurance, in giving, in forgiving, in loving unconditionally and so on.

My prayer is that I trust in this great planner who hold my future. When things seem bleak and not clear let me trust in you God! Let me see things the way you see it. Let me find comfort and strength in you. Let me be rest assured of the great planner who hold my future!