I chose Todoist over Nozbe

and you do not have to. Todoist isn’t the better or worser app.

The thing about most app reviews is that features are pitted against each other. Somehow, I was unable to find a helpful review between Todoist and Nozbe.

I use the Windows platform. I have one phone – It is a NOKIA Lumia 630 Dual SIM running Windows Phone 8.1. I use a laptop running Windows 10 at home. At work, I use a desktop running Windows 10. For reading I have a Lenovo MIIX 3 running Windows 10. Thus my review will be based on this platform alone.

Using the Windows platform automatically means you lose out on the best apps available in the Apple ecosystem. The Google ecosystem is great. I love GMail and Google Calendar. But I have recently moved to Outlook Calendar because I no longer use an Android phone.

First things first, does Todoist or Nozbe have great apps for the Windows ecosystem? Nope. On both sides the developers are working on arriving there. There are apps available on a preview basis currently. But these do not give a use a complete experience. Therefore, my review will be limited again only to the basic web features.

The Todoist features are quite comparable with those available in Nozbe. The difference lies in their philosophy. Nozbe wants you to use GTD from the get go. What this means is that you create tasks and get them done. You are not expected to organize your tasks beyond a minimum necessary. This is why do not have sub-projects. They do not have subtasks. You can work your way through it. But it’s not pretty.Todoist on the other hand is designed keeping the organized user in mind. Pretty layouts. Clutter free data organization.

Nozbe wins hands down if you are a freelancer, public speaker or your assignments vary regularly. In case you do not have a fixed set of “areas of responsibility” then Nozbe is great. Your mailbox, cloud space is all linked in. You do not have to look at Todoist at all.

But, I am different. I have a fixed “area of responsibility”. Only now and then does my life get unpredictable. I have to be productive with a sense of mundane repeatable tasks. I prefer that I can view my tasks clearly. Filters that are easier. Adding tasks are simpler here. The organization is more straightforward.

If you work with Teams, chose Nozbe again. The cost is lesserĀ asĀ more people get on board. With Todoist, your cost goes up with every additional member on your team.

Yeah, I am praising Nozbe. I just have no need for it as I work alone and in a predictable manner. Why would I spend so much money when I do not need what it gives me. But it might be right for you.

This does not mean Todoist is bad or mediocre. Todoist is perfect with its browser extensions, mailbox integrations. It depends on what you want to use it for.

I have picked up todoist. I chose Todoist over Nozbe.

I am married to Lauren. We have a daughter Allegra. We live in Mysore with our dog Bella