Gyms are not for wimps

I’ve joined a gym. Again! I’ve been working out in various gyms on and off for over a decade. I shed a few kilos each time. I begin to slack. I stop going to the gym. I gain much more than I lost… and I’m back in a rut.

But, like each time I hope that this time will be different. This time I will commit myself. I even have paid for a whole year so that I will feel that pinch of having paid a lot.

The trainers are merciless people. They see a fat guy and get him to workout as though he has to shed a few kilos in that workout. They do not seem to realize that he got there because of lack of workout and he needs to be trained to develop stamina and endure pain.

I’ve been going now for over 10 days. The pain is there. Everyday is a struggle. But these things if I do then it gets easier:

  1. Sleep early the previous evening. I need to wake up by 4 and I hit the gym by 5. If I sleep late then I cannot wake up early. I can’t make it to the gym. Once the daily chores take over, then I will miss the gym that day.
  2. Eat a banana by 4:30. The energy enables me to go through the 90 minutes of drudgery at the gym.
  3. Pray for endurance. I do not think I can do it by myself.

The 10 sessions that I have done so far have already begun to show results. I have begun to lose weight. Now, I need to maintain steam.

For that I have to have goals. My goals are:

  1. Lose 10 kilos in 1 year.
  2. 300 gym sessions in 1 year at least.

Gyms are not for wimps!