Men of worth

Men of worth are not a dime a dozen. In one month’s time, I heard of Wayne Grudem having Parkinsons and J.I. Packer having macular degeneration. These men aren’t most men. They have been instrumental in helping me think through the Bible. Their work and life are both inspiring and humbling at the same time. They are men of worth.

Their response to disease and suffering is godly, biblical and also shows us that these men are walking the talk. The years of meditation on God’s word has allowed them to respond in the way they have responded.

If I could be half the man that these men have been, I would be a great man! I do not seek to be great. But, there is definitely a desire in me to learn and treasure God’s word in my heart. I have a desire to be thankful and use my time wisely and prepare for hard times.

All I have for these men is respect. I pray that God will strengthen them for the remaining part of their walk on this side. I pray that God will give them people to care for them. May God continue to use them for his glory until they see him face to face. Thank you God for the part of their lives where they have actively blessed us. May the rest of their lives continue to be a blessing to many.