Working towards Discipline – Creating Goals

Last week I wrote about how I seek to get disciplined again. Many a times we have desires. But those desires rarely end up into habits. It is necessary to develop habits so that it becomes part of our character. So, I am working towards discipline by trying to develop habits. In order to develop habits I need to set goals.

Also, I have to make a differentiation between my goals and my desires. There may be many definitions. But for the moment I am looking at goals as those habits I want to develop soon. Desires are those habits that I want to develop but they are not my priority at the moment.

Now (Goals that need to be achieved immediately)

I am currently working on the following habits:

  1. Waking up at 4am.
  2. Working out at the gym every morning.
  3. Daily Review.
  4. Weekly Review.
  5. Weekly blogging on this site and on for CCube.
  6. Weekly accounts maintenance for CCube.

Next (Goals that need to be achieved next)

These are the habits I want to work on as soon as I have some sense of control over what I am working on now. I say sense of control as I know I can never have complete control over anything. Even trying to hope for complete control is being insane. Things will get out of control. There will be emergencies. So the moment I think I have a sense of control over all those habits, then I will work on one or more of these habits.

  1. An afternoon nap. I will need to make it a habit to nap in the afternoon if I am to stay awake till 10pm and wake up at 4am. I am looking at napping from 2pm to 4pm.
  2. Learning Greek. I plan to spend 2 to 3 hours a week to learn up Greek (Koine).
  3. Scripture Memorization: I have to work on Ephesians this year.
  4. Learning Guitar: I plan to spend 2 to 3 hours a week on learning the guitar.

Soon (Goals that I intend to work on soon)

My next level of habit formation should include some of these.

  1. Planned time with family.
  2. Planned time with church members.
  3. Planned time with visitors to church.

Someday (These aren’t goals yet but are desires)

These for now is still a dream.

  1. Running. Use C25K or some similar learning tool to run.
  2. Writing. Improve writing skill beyond weekly blogging.
  3. Small talk. Learn and master the art of small talk.
  4. 20 seconds of courage. Muster up courage to introduce myself to strangers.

So this is currently my plan to change desires to habits. They are both my short and long term goals in self improvement. These I seek to do to glorify God by improving myself with his help.