What Monday’s look like

Monday is my day off. I enjoy sleeping in late. But, I cannot sleep in as much as I wish to as it is Monday for the rest of the family!

Usually, I can enjoy my Monday only after I have shipped off Allie to school. So, I do my little to help Lauren get Allie to school. Yet, I try to make sure that my helping is not coming in the way of their routine.

Then, it’s time to complete my daily devotions and time to hit this blog. The hardest part is this blog. I hate writing. This weekly blog is my way of training my writing skills which as any reader can clearly see is non existent.

Once I am done with the struggle, I will go to bed. I will sleep through the morning. There is nothing better to do for me. I have not been a person who can read as a leisure activity. When, I am reading I am fully involved. The ideas get me excited to do some work, am then I am not well rested for the week ahead.

So, instead of doing any leisure activity I just crawl into the bed and sleep off. It’s not optimal, but it’s my day off.

I look forward to this day as it helps me let go off all the struggles and disappointments of the week that was and gets me excited for the week that is to come.