Why I love Cross Cultured Church

Sometimes it is necessary to verbally communicate love even though one loves a person. It helps! I keep telling my wife and children that I love them. It’s not because they will doubt my love for them if I do not tell them that I do love them, it’s just that telling them so is more beneficial.
Today, I want to think through why I love Cross Cultured Church.

Rooted in scripture

I love Cross Cultured Church as it’s members are rooted in scripture. They have learned to appreciate the Word of God preached accurately and desire to practice the truth. They are willing to be corrected by scripture and led by the Word of God. They are not afraid of engaging in theology. They love to learn stuff they do not know and will ask and learn!

Submit to leadership

Not only are the members of CCube rooted in scripture, but they also love and respect the leadership. It makes it a joy to serve them. They are open to correction and admonition. They make it their ambition to please God and therefore are willing to change in order to obey God’s word in every way they can.

The care and encouragement

There is genuine care and encouragement for the hurting. People come out of their way to help those who are hurting, suffering or are in financial distress. Praying for each other, seeking prayer from each other, confession of sins – are just so encouraging in this church.

The laughter

Our gatherings are fun and full of laughter. We know how to have fun. Not everyone in CCube are uptight. There are a few. But they are learning. There is a joy in having brothers like KaKKi and Jacques who serve the church as punching bags for the rest of the church to take a jab at. They generously allow everyone to laugh at their expense.

The food

Most of the women and some of the men in CCube are just great cooks. Our potlucks are great! The barbecues are awesome.

There are other reasons obviously, but these are my top 5 reasons I love CCube.