Seasons of Life

Seasons of life? What is that, one may wonder! Let me try and explain. As each of us go through life, we see that there are different stages. I would like to call these stages the seasons of life; season of being newly wed, season of pregnancy, season of being a new mother, season of being a mother to a toddler, season of being a mother of two or three, perhaps more,  the season of  being a mother to a teenager, a season of empty nest etc., I guess, by now, you have got the point.

What to expect in these seasons of life?

Each of these ‘Seasons’ brings us with its own joys, sorrows, abilities and limitations. For example, a new mother often has her hands filled with the nursing of the newborn. Her life now revolves around the wellness of the child. Feeding, clothing, putting the child to bed, doctor visits so and and so forth. Things that once took priority in life like: sleep, me time, time available to do other things take a back seat for a brief time before life seems to return to a normal- but this time a ‘new normal’.

I have been in this place, twice through (I’m a mother of two), and each time I had to remind myself that this will pass. A new normal will be established. And we would be in cruise mode again.


We sometimes, look at life as this constant that does not change! But it’s the other way around. Like someone said:

Change is the only constant in life!

It is now left to us whether we take this change gracefully or fight with change and be bruised and battered before we realize that there will be changes in life. There will be births, deaths, seasons of joy, seasons of sorrow, seasons of health, seasons of sickness and so on.

How to handle?

The best way to go through or ease in and out of each season of life as it come and goes is to remember that

  • There will be changes to the ‘Normal’ which give birth to the ‘New Normal’ .
  • There will be a time of lesser productivity, so to say, before the necessary life skill necessary is learnt and applied.
  • The ‘New Normal’ might not be the same as the ‘Normal’ , but it sure does become life now.
  • To be able to accept the ‘New Normal’ and find ways to do the things that we love with the limitations that we now have
  • Realizing the change in the season and keep tweaking life to enjoy the present.
  • Understanding that some seasons are only for a brief period of time.

My personal experience

I am a mother of two, beautiful, girls, and you might think, the second time around, I would have eased into motherhood better than the first. Not true!

When my youngest was born, I sure did know that life was about to change, I knew that I would have a ‘down time’, so to say, before I could settle into my ‘New Normal’.

But life seemed to throw a curve ball at me! I had a C section, the scar seemed to be more painful this time around, at the week 2 appointment, we came to know that our new born, could possibly have a heart condition, then came the colic and the poorly developed valve in the stomach that made my LO throw up anything she ate. She only sleep when held upright, for months I sat and slept. Out went my sleep, my freedom, my time with my oldest, my time with other people. She would not go to anyone but cling only to me.

Life seemed like unending list of things. I had forgotten that this too shall pass. 2 years down the line, as I type this, I know that it is true. Those days did pass away. She is a healthy child now. But then I could not see all of this.

The thing about these seasons, when we are amidst it is that, we cannot often see the ‘Light at the end of the Tunnel’, that is where family, friends and church play and important role.

As I went through these tough phases, I had people who stood by me, encouraged me, reminded me that- this too shall pass, that I can still make it, that I can settle into the ‘New Normal’ soon.

A heartfelt prayer for all

I pray for each one of you out there, who is reading this, that you will be blessed with such family, friends, and church. If not reach out for help. For we were created to be in community and not alone. Godly community.

I pray that, as you walk through the different seasons of life, you will not be shaken but come out strong knowing that the ‘New Normal’ is just right around the corner! So hang in there!