Challenge Day 24

      Cultivating a life of openness and Christian friendship (My Journey)   If you have ever heard the term ‘Loner‘, I would be the person apt for it. All through life I have been a Loner. I have never found/made lasting friendships. I moved from one set of friends to another through different seasons […]

Challenge Day 23

My Journey from doubt and fear to serving!   Fears can clobber a person. I am not talking about Godly fear. I am talking about a fear that is not rooted in God, a fear of the unknown, a fear that God does not want to have. Sometimes I behave like my life is in […]

Challenge Day 22

The great planner   I am a planner, I love planned trips, planned meals, planned trips to the restaurants etc., I do not handle unplanned activities very well. But then again, God keeps reminding and throwing in challenges apart from my plan and teaches me to handle them with love and patients! There are so […]

Challenge Day 21

What is my attitude when I sin?   We serve a God who is merciful and kind. When we sin, God is able to forgive us and we stand clean of the sin that once stood accusing us because of the work of Jesus on the cross. But what should the attitude of the Christian […]

Challenge Day 20

Only a Christian takes part in communion!   Sunday after Sunday, our 4.5 year old daughter observes her parents and other older people take part in communion. One day she could not hold the curiosity any longer and asked – Mama, why can I not have the elements of the communion – The bread and […]

Challenge Day 19

I have sinned, what next?   Most Christian’s face this question sometime in their life – ” I have sinned, what next?”. What should I do to get back on track? What should I do to appease God? Should I read my Bible more? Should I pray more? Or is it that I sinned (even better […]

Challenge Day 21

Is a Christian guarded from pain and suffering?   It is wrongly believed among some of the Christian circles that a Christian is guarded from pain and suffering. This however is not true. The Bible teaches us otherwise. The Bible teaches us that a Christian might suffer in this world but his hope lies in his God […]

Challenge Day 18

The Imitation game I love movies that use the mind. Recently I realized that I love movies that contain a lot of emotion in them. Movies like The Judge, Piku which are slow. So as I searched for more movies to watch on the same lines, I chanced upon the movie – THE IMITATION GAME. […]