I am a comparison freak. I compare everything. I think about everything and try to learn from whatever small or big that comes my way. This sometimes makes me feel sour because of probably the things that I don’t have /have. Recently I have been worried about this compulsive behavior of mine. That is when […]


I am a critic. Critic of the first order and that automatically also puts me as a perfectionist. I cannot tolerate things that go wrong. I am the first person to notice an error and point it out. Now the other day we were watching a movie and I couldn’t help but notice the fact […]

To be changed into his likeness every day…

Recently, I have been learning on Motherhood, women. The women of the older days were different from that of today. Women in the past learnt in quietness, submission and today we are loud and often bossy. The Bible expects women to learn in quietness and in submission, their beauty not defined by the external adornment […]

The Proverbs 31 test

Whenever I read Proverbs 31, I wonder if there can be any woman who could truly pass the Proverbs 31 test. I always thought this is an ideal condition, probably where we are to reach but never thought that it was achievable. Today I read a blog on Motherhood where John Piper cites his mother, […]


Fear can be crippling and often we don’t know how deep rooted our fears are until we try to face it. I had once such fear – fear of driving a vehicle. It was so deep rooted that I dint even want to sit in the drivers seat. It took lots of patience form Edi […]

Motherhood – A life of sacrifice and service

I remember telling some of the pregnant friends, relax and enjoy as much as you like now for the life ahead is going to get tough with no time for yourself. This is exactly what the world teaches us – there is going to be no time for you, no time to realize and grow […]