Challenge Day 20

Only a Christian takes part in communion!


Sunday after Sunday, our 4.5 year old daughter observes her parents and other older people take part in communion. One day she could not hold the curiosity any longer and asked – Mama, why can I not have the elements of the communion – The bread and the wine? Her eyes were fixed on me! She wanted to know why is that mama and papa don’t allow her to eat the bread or drink from those cute lil cups that are passed around. I smiled at her and said, baby, communion is only for Christians. She immediately responded then I want to become a Christian!

I am sure she has not much idea of what she said and what she wants but I know it is a start! She wants to be a Christian because she was denied the elements of communion. Now I know that this is no reason for us to become Christians but for a child of her age, this becomes learning ground. A platform to be able to teach her who a Christian is?How does one become a Christian? What is the meaning of Baptism and so much more about Christianity, our faith.

Recently I spoke to a friend who said – The fact that I have been denied of communion makes me realize that I so much want to be part of this covenant family. I want to be able to turn back from my former self (repent) and run to Christ for forgiveness. I want to be baptized and I want to proclaim to the world that I am a Christian. I want to be able to be part of this family and take part in the communion proclaiming the Lord’s doing as we wait in hope for the day till he returns to take us home.

I thank God for this is an ordinance only for Christians! For the curiosity it brought about in my 4.5 year old and the longing it brought in my friend is amazing. May each of these life events cause them to know you and be found in you!