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Thankful for provision

I am overwhelmed by God’s kindness this week. Through unexpected ways and beyond my expectation, God has worked. Last week I was not sure if I will be accepted for admission to the M.Div. program. This week I learned that I am approved for admission on the condition that I complete the pre-requisite Greek classes.…

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One step closer!

Some days ago I wrote about the wait getting longer. And earlier this week, I was uncertain of what might happen. Thanks be to God we are one step closer to going to seminary. In September last year we were moved to consider going to seminary for getting trained and equipped further for the pastoral…

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A strange feeling

A strong person is probably rarely afraid of anyone. His stregnth gives him courage in the face of adversity. I have not been a strong person. In a weak moment, God showered his mercy in my life. Since then he has always been gracious to me. His kindness has taken me in the direction of…